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Split maze guide

Split Maze is released in Blade & Soul CN in Nov. Despite being released later, it is actually easier than Snow Jade Palace as long as one understand the boss mechanics. The boss skill details and mechanics are highlighted in this guide.

The path leading up to the boss is pretty straight forward for Stage 1 and will not be described here.

Stage 1 Boss

split maze stage 1

The boss battle can be divided into 2 major modes: normal mode and recharging mode.

Normal Mode Skill Description

1. Normal attack: frontal normal attack

2. Drill Punch: Frontal punch indicated by a rectangular AOE indicator, induce bleed status

3. Triple Jump: Jump 3 times, circular AOE, the 3rd time induce knockdown with larger AOE.

4. Frontal Charge: Extend his arm  to the front (no rectangular AOE indicator) and charge towards the aggro holder, inducing knockdown. Block to stun it then destroyer/lyn blade can lift him up.

5. Disc Throw: throw 4 discs at random targets, induce knockdown; can be negated with ranged protection skill

6. Bomb Throw: throw bomb at aggro holder.

Normal Mode Attack Pattern

Normal Attack > Drill Punch > Triple Jump > Normal Attack > Drill Punch > Frontal Charge (block him to stun and lift him up)

The boss will use Disc Throw sometimes, after the Triple Jump.

If the party fail to block his Frontal Charge, he will charge toward the wall, and start using Disc Throw and Bomb Throw.

Recharging Mode Skill Description

Eventually, he will go into Recharging Mode (you will hear an alarm). He is immune to damage while in Recharging Mode. The boss will start spinning andthrow 2 large discs at random targets. The discs will bounce off wall and travel around the room; induce bleed upon contact.

One must stop the disc by blocking/countering it. Therefore, all party members should gather behind the blocker (mark him).

After that, the boss will jump to the middle of the room and try to recharging his energy. To stop him from recharging, the party must disable/cc him according to the color of his aura.

Red = Double Weaken
Green = Double Knockdown
Blue = Double Stun

The order of aura color is random, but each color will only appear once. Just make sure your party has sufficient CC for this phase. Take note that the circular zone around him deal damage to you.

After the 3 rounds of color change, he will deal a burst damage to surrounding circular AOE. If you party manage to disrupt all the 3 color correctly, he will be weakened for 20sec or so, while a blue zone is generated around him. The zone give you infinite MP.

DO NOT try to seize, grab, throw, or disable the boss while he is in that weaken state; or else it will wake him up. Just deal damage as much as possible. Destroyer or Lyn Blade Master can grab him when he is about to wake up (~20sec) for more damage.

If you fail to CC him correctly, he will deal huge damage and gain a damage reduction shield. You will deal very low damage to him until you manage to cc him correctly in his next recharging.

He will repeat his Normal Mode after the Recharging Mode.



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