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This play-by-play will help you sign up for Blade and Soul and playing in minutes.
Make sure you download the client before starting just to save some time!
Just make sure you set your System Locale before installing!


Get your QQ Number
This is your ‘Username’

Here’s where you’ll go to sign up for your QQ number

This area really is self explanatory – just sign up like you would any other form!

This area is as easy as the rest! With Mobile Number highlighted you get the option to select your country/region, click that. You get a new region box where you can select your countries numbers! Don’t worry, if for any reason you feel uneasy giving out your number you can use Google Voice for free. Just remember to select the correct region. No hyphens in your phone number, either!

If you do use Google Voice, it’s just as easy as getting an email!

Despite the red text – this is it! Just activate your email like any other service. This is where you get your QQ number – if for any reason you get the error your email has already been verified, you have to go through the extra steps below. If it loads slowly and you’re impatient – try actually copying the URL and pasting it into your browser.

This extra step are for if you got the error that your email was already verified and didn’t get your QQ number.
It’s just a hoop to jump through to see what number you were assigned.
You’re already signed up and verified.
Download QQ’s instant messanger and sign in with your email and password.
Click on your little birdy. Then, you can see your QQ number to the right of your email! You can click on your email and drag to the right as if you were going to copy and paste it or just lok below to the right of Account.
Those last numbers are your QQ numbers!

You can go ahead and write those down and then use them to sign into your Blade and Soul Client!
But! – Before you can actually play you have to verify you’re 18. Head over to http://jkyx.qq.com and click the blue button at the top left.
Sign in with your QQ number and password.
Then click the bottom-most blue LINK as outlined in the image below.

After that – The first text box is for your name.
The second should give you a dropdown bar.
Click the third item on the list which should read (or passport).
You can use your driver license number here or just enter any random 9 digits.
Then simply just put in your birthday, Year, Day, Month.
In the bottom right most input box type United States, you can leave the dropdown boxes the same. Then hit the blue blue button on the left.

You’re done signing up – after changing your system locale to Chinese (PRC) or Chinese (Simplified) install the game and you can sign in!
Happy Gaming!