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Blade & Soul CN has boosted S-series (S1, S2, S3) Weapon on 11th Nov 2014. This guide is an update for my previous weapon choice guide for early level 50. Similar to my previous guide, quantitative analysis and comparison between various weapons will be presented.

The recent update has boosted the attack of Shiny prefix S1 weapon significantly. Due to its relatively low cost, it will undoubtedly become the most common, basic weapon for average players. I am currently using it as well. I shall use this weapon as the baseline weapon and compare the average skill damage output for other weapons, including:

weapon choice 2


1. Extreme Scorpion Weapon (mainstream)

2. Level 45 Shiny Golden Legendary

3. Blessed S1 Weapon

4. Shiny Dark/Light S2 Weapon

5. Blessed Dark S2 Weapon

The performance of S3 weapon will not be compared here due to its rarity and high cost of leveling.

Shiny S1 Weapon

S1 Shiny Axe

Shiny 耀光 S1 weapon will serve as the baseline weapon in this article, meaning the damage obtained from other weapons will be quoted in terms of % with respect to the damage from this weapon. Take note that, there are 2 variations of Shiny S1 weapon: one with MP recovery and one without MP recovery.

The one with MP recovery is highly recommended; furthermore, it comes with 50% damage increase for X (Destroyer) skill. If you ever get the version without MP recovery at level 10, you have no other to reset the stats; it is harder to use without the MP recovery cover though it comes with a 1200% damage effect. It can be good only if your class/build does not rely on the MP recovery effect from weapon. However, for this guide, i will only consider the type with MP recovery.

The stats after boost:

Attack + 395 | Crit+298 | Defence+ 128 | Pierce + 110
Chance to recover 70% MP
Chance to trigger a buff which increase attack by 60 and crit rate by 4% for 5sec
Smash (X) Skill +50% damage

My Baseline Stats:
Attack =630
Additional Dmg =88
Crit Rate% = 40.70%
Crit Dmg % =237.95%
Pierce = 11.26%

The stats may or may not reflect your current stats since it is largely dependant on your class and the gear you are wearing. These stats are based on my level 50-8star Destroyer, wearing full set of legendary bopae, with legendary accessories and S1 Shiny Weapon, +Pirate Soul. Despite the difference in stats, the outcome of the analysis would serve as a good reference for all players.

I would use 2 characteristic skills for destroyer for damage comparison, namely, Demolition (RB) and Smash (X). Assume that the target has 10% defence (which is the defence for most bosses in BnS).

My average damage calculation is based on the following equations:
Average dmg= c* Crit dmg + ( 1 – c) * Non-crit dmg
where C = crit rate

Refer to Damage Calculation Mechanics for level 50 for more info.

Note: Comparison with RB would be based on average damage with crit and non-crit dmg taken into account. For X, the comparison is made purely based on crit dmg only due to C,X,X combo, 100% crit chance.

Baseline Average Damage (without trigger buff effect):

S1 damage

Baseline Average Damage (with trigger buff effect):

S1 damage with buff

Comparison will be done for the case with buff and without buff, for the weapons below.

Extreme Scorpion Weapon

Attack+383 | Pierce+96 | Crit + 228
Chance to recover 100% MP
Chance to increase crit damage by 18.5%, duration 12sec
Chance to increase crit rate by 3.0%, duration 12sec

After the Shiny S1 boost, this has become the weakest weapon in the list.Without the crit+crit dmg buff, RB and X deals -2% and -35% damage respectively as compared to baseline weapon.

With the crit+crit dmg buff, RB and X deals -7% and -36% as compared respectively as compared to baseline weapon with buff.

Despite such weak stats, the cost of evolving is simply absurd since it requires ~130g, 89 x Silverfrost Evolve Stone, 104 x Poison Needle, 730 x Spirit Stones to advance from Excellent Scorpion Weapon. Furthermore, leveling this weapon requires Shura Weapon which only drops from 4-man Snow Jade Palace.

In short, the mainstream weapon is not even worth using anymore. However, Tencent recently announced that they will involve the mainstream weapon in the new Soul (similar to Pirate Soul from lv45 mainstream weapon). Therefore, do not throw away the weapon yet; keep it for future dismantling into more powerful Soul.

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