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Blade and Soul Korea has applied some new updates on 18th June, including a new instance Black Dragon Bridge Dungeon and new skills for some classes.
Black Dragon Bridge Dungeon
To enter the dungeon, two quests in Sunken Pirate Ship and Snow Jade Palace must be completed first. Shura Bracelet is required to clear the dungeon as well, as the monsters in Black Bridge Dungeon emit Mark of Phantasm aura.

New Skills and Skill Changes
Major changes to skills of Sword Master, Assassin and Force Master.


All Classes
Left / Right Step: Trigger by pressing AA or DD. Move left or right 8m. Evasion increase to 100%. Dispel auto target on yourself. Cannot be used if you are unable to move.
* Currently these 2 skills cannot be learnt yet.

Force Master Skill Changes

New skill in Shockwave tree – Breaker


New Soul Blade Mode



New Fashion/Dobok

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