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Based on the survey conducted by NCsoft last week, many korean players reflected that assassin still in need of further skill revamp.  Blade & Soul KR has implemented more skill changes for assassin again, on 2nd July 2014. This is the 3rd time Assassin  has experienced major skill changes in the pass 1 month.


blade & soul KR assassin


Lightning Kill [F]

* casting time reduce


Shadow Kill  [F]

* casting time reduce

* add effect : deal additional damage to stun, groggy, grab and choked targets


Side Step [Q]

* Other skills can be chained into Side Step after casting


Poison Sting  [RB]

* CD reduce from 18sec to 8sec


Backstab [LB]

* Rank 1 path: stack 1 layer of Poison on stun target

* Level 2 Rank 1: the effect of “induce internal injury for 12sec” is changed to “defence piercing” effect


Heart Stab [RB]

* Level 5 Rank 1: Add effect – after hitting stun, groggy, choked or grabbed target, Shadow Kill can be used

* Other skills can be chained into Heart Stab after casting.


Lightning Step [RB]

* increase additional damage from poison stacking

* casting time reduce


Lotus [2]

* add effect: stack 1 layer of poison.


Lotus Dance [C]

* change to single target skill

* Level 3 Rank 2: add effect – Induce 2 sec stun on target with 5 layers of posion

* Level 4 Rank 2: add effect – Induce 3 sec stun on target with 5 layers of poison


Shadow Shuriken [X]

* add effect – stack 1 layer of poison


Stealth [TAB]

* add effect: stack 1 layer of poison upon hitting target affected by Flash


Teleport [RB]

*  MP recovery increase from 4 to 6


Smoke Screen [Z]

* add effect : Recover 15 MP over 10sec

* Level 3 Rank 2: Allies recover 10% HP over 10sec


Leaf Sunder [F]

* add effect: evasion increase by 100% during casting


Leaf Shift [F]

* While Leaf Shift is being activated, casting other skills will cause it to be deactivated.


Shuriken [X]

* Other skills can be chained into Shuriken after casting.


Poison Dagger [X]

* add effect – pierce counter effect

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