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A new guild ranking & information page has been added to Blade & Soul CN (link). The page ranks the guilds in game according to the score obtained by the guild.

Freedom Guild Info and Ranking 

The guild member list and info are found on the page. The ranking doesn’t serve any purpose for now, but it does provide a convenient way to track guild contribution from members and their attendance.  It is also a good place for potential new guild members to search for more information/vacancy on a certain guild before joining.


The rules of obtaining guild score is stated under the page.

1. Guild Score is made up of 3 components: Guild Basic Score, Guild Activity Score and Guild Fund Score.

2. Guild Activity and Guild Fund Score are reset on 1st of every month.

3. Guild Basic Score is granted based on guild level, numbers of people in the guild and the level of each members

guild size score

4. Each member can sign in at the page everyday to give 2 Guild Activity Score to the guild.

Freedom guild sigin

5. When members donate to guild fund (gold, spirit stone, faction token, silver coin etc), Guild Fund Score will be increased accordingly

Guild Fund Score

6. Entering Battle Island grant 3 Guild Activity Score per guild member. Winning Battle Island = 100 score

7. The total guild score, and its components are ranked into different type of ranking.

Guild Ranking

8. Personal score of each guild member is the sum of the daily sign in score and guild fund score.

9. Each guild has their own guild info page. Senior members and above are allowed to set the guild avatar and guild banner on the guild info page.

10. All guild contribution records are updated every noon, reflecting the activity of the previous day.

11. Guild score and all records will only be updated once every noon.

12. Some character or guild with weird symbols may not be shown properly; will be continuously optimized.

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