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    Open Beta [TW]

    22 November 2014 , by Kay

    Blade and Soul Taiwan is now open to the public! This means a new English patch! Personally, I recommend you go with the Chinese server. This patch is early beta so please expect bugs. Head over to the download page to grab it.   Read more

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    Blade and Soul’s Differe...

    20 November 2014 , by Kay

    Based on the distinctive visual style of acclaimed artist Hyung-Tae Kim, Blade & Soul combines martial arts inspired combat and Qing Gong action in a classic story of good versus evil set against a backdrop of betrayal, revenge, battling factions, and warring gods. B&S tells the story of your quest for vengeance and redemption against a bac... Read more

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    Update (Coming December 2014)

    19 November 2014 , by Kay

    Blade & Soul CN will be releasing new updates at the end of November 2014, with content including Split Maze (Spirit Maze), Destiny Altar, new story quest, new events etc. 28th Nov 2014 is also the 1 year anniversary of Blade and Soul CN OBT. The following info is translated from 17173 and duowan news. New Story Quest  The story... Read more

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    Update (Already Applied)

    18 November 2014 , by Kay

     Weapon and Accessories Upgrade System 2.0 + 1~5 Upgrading + 6 Will need limit breaking item (Stone + Weapon Required) + 6~10 Upgrade Again Read more