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Blade and Soul English Overhaul: Taiwan

Texture mods are currently experimental and may include some graphical issues. Install them at your own risk – we’re trying to patch out anything and find the causes ASAP. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Early Beta – expect to encounter bugs! Report them, please. This does NOT auto detect where you installed your game – make sure you put it into the correct folder! It will default to the default install directory, if it’s not there, you need to get the location path and paste it into the box provided – or navigate there and remove the Chinese at the end of the box (as you don’t want to create a new folder to install into, you want to install into your game folder).


Version 14b

Adds translated subtitles Adds Bonjour option

Version 14a

Fixes a UI bug with Achievements and Weapons (Pointed out by SummerRose)

Version 14

Back on the horse and everything is up to snuff! Version 13: Added an ‘Out’ to selecting the right folder

Past Versions

Translates Over ~60% of the game to English

Translates Over ~60% of the UI to English


This is the current Taiwan XML if for any reason you need to revert back to it.