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What's the hold up with V14?

What’s the hold up with V14? Well, a lot of technical stuff that was changed in the most recent XML. I’m sure this is in an effort to just stay up to date and not thwart modders.






You can see this post being made actually in that picture.


The nitty-gritty tech details that are holding up Version 14 were actually pointed out to us by tool maker, ronny1982. Introduced in the newest XML were byte limits. As is obvious, English takes up a lot more than Asian characters. This doesn’t affect UI and Skill name patches because those typically take up a lot less characters, anyway. This does however affect and break those quest lines that take up a lot of space. It just means we’ll have to figure out where it’s breaking and do some shuffling, condensing, or shelve it for a later update. We’re working very hard to find all of these overflow points and getting this finished. I apologize it’s taking so long – I want to get this done as sooner than you guys so we can get back to correcting the translation rather than just getting it to translate!


Screen Shot_141010_008

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