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Blade & Soul CN will be releasing new updates at the end of November 2014, with content including Split Maze (Spirit Maze), Destiny Altar, new story quest, new events etc. 28th Nov 2014 is also the 1 year anniversary of Blade and Soul CN OBT. The following info is translated from 17173 and duowan news.

New Story Quest

The story of Blade & Soul will continue as the players will face off with Jin Seoyeon, the main antagonist from the start of the story.


Destiny Altar

Destiny Altar is the place where players will be fighting Jin Seoyeon in the upcoming new story quest. After doing it in the main quest, players can challenge the instance daily.


The drops from Destiny Altar include Legendary Bopae, and bopae which will give max enchant stats on bopae.


Split Maze

A new hero (purple) instance, Split Maze will be released in this update as well. The instance is similar to Spiral Labyrinth of level 45, which is built to be a maze with many routes. Among the drops here includes gems and new fashion costume.

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