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Final Crafting Event

The final crafting event, Pottery Event  has been updated in Blade and Soul KR on 26th Nov. With this event, the 7 unique costume/dobok from each crafting profession obtained from past events can be fused into the final costume.

Previously, crafting profession events have been held in Blade and Soul KR/CN which involved collecting materials and converting them for gift box. The gift box can give the crafting costumes and the corresponding head gear / accessories. There are a total of 7 crafting professions in Blade & Soul, namely Cooking, Pottery, Medicine, Blacksmith, Talisman, Bopae & Accessory.

7 costume combine


For those who have missed the pass crafting profession event, the crafting costume and the corresponding accessories are available for exchanged during the event period.

exchange for old costume

exchange for old costume 2

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