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    Blade and Soul English Overhau...

    10 December 2014 , by Kay

    Sorry for the huge delay guys! We’re back on the horse though and updates will come a lot quicker. The next stages we’ll be focusing on are crowd-sourcing our translations (as they’re pretty bad and we can’t do 300,000+ lines alone) and porting to the KR, JP, and textures to unofficial RU clients. Read more

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    V14 Delays

    6 December 2014 , by Kay

    What’s the hold up with V14? Well, a lot of technical stuff that was changed in the most recent XML. I’m sure this is in an effort to just stay up to date and not thwart modders.   Read more

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    Split Maze Guide

    4 December 2014 , by Kay

    Split Maze is released in Blade & Soul CN in Nov. Despite being released later, it is actually easier than Snow Jade Palace as long as one understand the boss mechanics. The boss skill details and mechanics are highlighted in this guide. The path leading up to the boss is pretty straight forward for Stage 1 and will not be... Read more

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    Final Fashions

    3 December 2014 , by Kay

    The final crafting event, Pottery Event  has been updated in Blade and Soul KR on 26th Nov. With this event, the 7 unique costume/dobok from each crafting profession obtained from past events can be fused into the final costume. Read more

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    Korea vs China PVP Tournament

    2 December 2014 , by Kay

    Blade & Soul PVP Tournament between Korea and China was held on 22nd Nov 2014. The final match is between Force Master from Korea and Destroyer from China. All PVP videos are recorded by Inven KR.   Read more

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    China Guild Rankings

    1 December 2014 , by Kay

      A new guild ranking & information page has been added to Blade & Soul CN (link). The page ranks the guilds in game according to the score obtained by the guild. Freedom Guild Info and Ranking  The guild member list and info are found on the page. The ranking doesn’t serve any purpose for now, but it does provide a... Read more

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    Level 50 Weapon Choice

    30 November 2014 , by Kay

      Blade & Soul CN has boosted S-series (S1, S2, S3) Weapon on 11th Nov 2014. This guide is an update for my previous weapon choice guide for early level 50. Similar to my previous guide, quantitative analysis and comparison between various weapons will be presented. The recent update has boosted the attack of Shiny prefix S1 weapon signifi... Read more

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    Korea Update: Assassin Skill C...

    29 November 2014 , by Kay

    Based on the survey conducted by NCsoft last week, many korean players reflected that assassin still in need of further skill revamp.  Blade & Soul KR has implemented more skill changes for assassin again, on 2nd July 2014. This is the 3rd time Assassin  has experienced major skill changes in the pass 1 month.   Read more

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    Korean Update: Black Dragon Br...

    28 November 2014 , by Kay

    Blade and Soul Korea has applied some new updates on 18th June, including a new instance Black Dragon Bridge Dungeon and new skills for some classes. Black Dragon Bridge Dungeon To enter the dungeon, two quests in Sunken Pirate Ship and Snow Jade Palace must be completed first. Shura Bracelet is required to clear the dungeon as well, as the... Read more